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The cyber security breaches survey conducted by the UK Government in 2021 found that phishing – “staff receiving fraudulent emails or being directed to fraudulent websites” – was by far the most common attack reported by organisations. Phishing attacks were also considered the most disruptive type of cyber attack that organisations face.

Complete this Phishing Awareness e-learning module to gain the knowledge and awareness you need to reduce the risk of falling victim to an attack. Understand the nature of the risk, how to reduce the chances of a successful attack, and what to do if you are tricked by a fraudulent message.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how phishing attacks work and the different types of attack
  • Gain the necessary steps required to reduce the risk of a successful attack
  • Learn how to minimise the impact when someone has been tricked by a fraudulent message

Once you have watched the last module, please watch the assessment questions and then refer to the assessment section to complete your answers.

When you have completed all of the modules, make sure you tick complete on the final module, you will be bought back to this screen and will be given the option to download your CPD certificate, this will appear at the top of the page.